1.   Please note that the following terms and conditions constitute and govern the legal relationship between you and
2.   Furthermore, by contracting with, you declare and certify the following:

            I.     That you are at least eighteen (18) years old.

          II.     You understand and accept the fact that reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. We recommend that you revisit our website,, prior to completing your transaction to ensure that you are aware and up to date with our latest applicable terms and conditions. Please note that copies of these terms and conditions shall be available on request from any of our branches.

        III.     You understand and accept the fact that it might be possible for to suspend their service for technical purposes at any given time and that reserves the right to restrict or terminate this service at any time and for any duration of time with no liability of any kind.

        IV.     You understand and accept the fact that makes no warranties or statements of any kind that the service provided by us will meet your expectations.

          V.     That you are the legal owner (and therefore have full legal authority and possess a valid and transferable title ) of the item(s) that you intend to send and/or sell to or that you have full legal authority to act on behalf of the true legal owner of the items(s) concerned.

        VI.     That all such items are sold free of any adverse claims, liens or hindrances of any nature and description whatsoever.

      VII.     Any item(s) sent or sold to does (do) not proceed from and is     (are) not the result of any illegal activity that has taken place in the UK or in any other country, for that matter.

    VIII.     That your business relationship with (and any transactions emerging from this relationship) will not result in or cause being involved in any violation of any applicable law of the UK or any other country for that matter.

        IX.     That you agree to fully compensate for and against all liability, claims, suits, costs or fees caused by or proceeding from any breach or claimed breach of these terms and conditions, including claims brought by  third parties.

          X.     You agree that on acceptance of the offer for your item(s) and after receiving payment in respect of the concerned item, you hereby discharge, surrender and waive all claims, rights or interests of any sort in and to the concerned item(s) bought by If you are acting on behalf of the true owner of the item(s), the above clause shall be binding on that owner as if personally accepted by her or him.

        XI.     By sending and/or selling your item(s), you understand and accept the fact that determining their value may involve placing certain acids and abrasions on any gold, silver or platinum and this can leave a permanent staining and/or deep scratches on the said item. will not be responsible for any change of colour, disfigurement, change or damage occurred in any item(s) as a result of the evaluation process.  

      XII.     You understand and accept the fact that purchases jewellery made of precious metals for refining purposes and not for resale, therefore, the evaluation/price offer, shall be made depending on the weight and carat of the metals of which the item(s) is(are) made and not on its potential value if resold as an item. 

    XIII.     Upon your oral or written acceptance of any offer or quote made by you shall be legally bound by any such acceptance and any transaction that follows there from. Payment will be issued by within forty eight (48) hours of the receipt of the package or envelope. Once the payment is issued, you will not have the opportunity to return that payment and receive the item(s) back from

Please note that reserves the right, (but shall not be bound to) to ask for proof of ownership of any item(s) or for proof of your authority to transact with the items concerned. In the event that you submit items to for processing by post, then the above terms and conditions will apply. In addition, the following terms and conditions will be deemed to be acceptable to you prior to posting

Terms and conditions regarding postal services.

1. reserves the right to refuse the delivery of any package or envelope which appears to have been damaged or tampered with. Should a situation like this occur, the package or envelope shall be returned to its sender via the Post Office and will not be held responsible or liable for any such attempted transactions.

2.     In the event that you wish to send us your item(s) using a different envelope than the one will provide you with or in the event that you decide to send your item(s) via a carrier other than the Royal Mail, then you do so at your own risk. However, we strongly advise that you employ the services of a carrier company that operates a tracing system of your shipment. In addition, we recommend that you insure (at your own expense) your shipment for more than its value if you believe the item(s) contained within are worth more than £500. We also advise you to list the contents of your shipment on the Shipping Mandate Note and then return and then return it to us.

3.     On receipt and acceptance of your package or envelope,'s liability will be limited to the lesser of the following:

                       a) The sum of one ninety Euros (90 Euros) or seventy five Pounds (Pounds 75)

     i              b) Up to 50% of the certified value of your items as appraised by within 30 days of receipt. By agreeing to these terms you understand and agree that in the unlikely event of a dispute, we reserve the right to reappraise the value of any item(s) or goods and you hereby undertake to return any item(s) concerned by such a dispute. Where felt necessary by, you hereby agree to any such reappraisal being carried out, certificated/documented by a third party.

4.     In no event or circumstances shall be liable for any damages occurred from the loss or destruction of property in it's possession for any reason, including negligence, greater in value than set out in 3 above. In no event or circumstance shall be liable to any insurance carriers or third parties, nor will we be liable for any consequential or indirect loss. This limitation of liability shall be binding on each and every customer and any third party, including but not limited to the customer and the customer's insurance carriers, successors, assignees, and any other individual or entity asserting any right or claim relating to customer's transactions with

5.     To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, shall not be liable to anyone for any damages, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, punitive, loss of profit or opportunity.

6.     Furthermore, will not be held liable or responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of services offered by and in no event shall be liable to any third party including any insurance carrier. shall not be liable for any subrogation claim brought by customer's insurance carrier and, by submitting an item to, the customer specifically and expressly waives any such subrogation claim on his or her behalf as well as on the behalf of his or her insurance carrier.

We endeavour to respond to all complaints within five working days. Any customers wishing to make a complaint about any of our services may do so by contacting us via the details shown on the website (this does not affect your statutory right as a customer). Please note that we require one form of identification to allow you to trade your gold for cash, please remember to bring this with you, should you decide to pay us a visit.