Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are a small business just starting out on the precious metals market. We aim to make a difference and to offer the customers an honest service and honest evaluations. Furthermore, we hope to prevent those in greatest need from getting scammed and robbed by some of the sharks out there.

We are based in the Cotswolds, in Chipping Norton and our business values are first and foremost: honesty, reliability and transparency.

With us, everything is black and white, including our website, as you can see. We aim to be as straightforward as possible and we don't have any hidden fees or charges.

At Cotswold Gold, every transaction is strictly private and confidential. We prefer to do business face to face if we can and we try to offer the best deal around. Our gold experts will perform accurate and free evaluations of your items.

 Unlike our competitors we don’t do flashy, expensive advertising like you see on TV. We don't do expensive celebrity endorsements and we have very low overheads. This means we can afford to pay customers higher prices for their gold and silver items.

After conducting our own research, we were amazed to discover that we offer as much as 40% more than some of our competitors and that is a fact.

We are client focused and we do our best to provide great customer service. We update our gold and silver fix price daily. 

Should you need more information or should you wish us to call at your home for a private evaluation, please do not hesitate to telephone us on 01608 646456 and ask for George.

By linking to our website you could help us spread the word and promote integrity and honesty in this trade.

What we buy:

We will literally buy anything, be it gold or silver, regardless of the item's condition: mismatched, odd or broken earrings, snapped or tangled chains, necklaces, items with stones missing or beyond repair, wedding rings, bracelets and brooches, charms and lockets, cufflinks and bangles, bridgework and gold dental crowns, gold coins, collectables, krugerrands and sovereigns (half and full), dental gold, foreign gold, anything that is hallmarked and even items that are not hallmarked. We also buy anything that is made of silver: silver coins, silverware, silver jewellery, pocket watches and silver watches made of silver or gold, etc.     

eorge D.